Stamp Collecting Videos

Dollis Hill Trials

In the 1950’s the postal system was radicalised by the Dollis Hill Trials into phosphor ink, which has the purpose of improving how postage was sorted. The Dollis Hill Trials where tested on Wilding Stamps and in turn revolutionised the design of the sorting of all future mail. Maybe you… Read more »

Surface Printed Stamps

Surface printing is a term that stamp collectors need to understand. Surface printed stamps have certain features which distinguish them from modern day postage. The first stamps that were issued in Great Britain in using this method of printing was in 1855. Surface printed stamps are both beautiful and highly… Read more »

2b Bisects

If you did not already know Bisects are a rare anomaly in postal history, as they are stamps which have been cut up as in order to spread the cost of the stamp over more than one piece of postage. A fantastic and rare version of this irregularity is the… Read more »

Queen Victoria: High Values

The Queen Victoria High values were first issued in 1867 and is both beautiful and in mint condition are rare. Are you interested in buying a High Value? Perhaps you are a collector? Or you have acquired a High Value and would like to know more? Maybe, you are just… Read more »

A history of Line Engraved Stamps of Britain

Line engraved is a term that stamp collectors need to understand. Line engraved stamps have certain features which distinguish them from modern day postage. The first six stamps issued in Great Britain were printed using this method. Line engraved stamps are both beautiful and highly sought after. This means that… Read more »

A brief history of Mulready

Here we discuss a few examples of uprated Mulreadys, a beautiful piece of stamp history. We recommend that you click on this video and then subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We have many videos which can help you along with your hobby, give valuable information on a variety of different… Read more »

Treasury Essays, a history of early stamps

Knowledge is perhaps a stamp collectors greatest tool. In 1839, prior to the first stamp (the penny black) being issued, the treasury decided to hold an open competition to design the first pre-paid postage. What is fantastic about the Treasury Essays is that they created the foundations of what would… Read more »

How to start a stamp collection

Perhaps you have seen a stamp from Bloxham Stamps and want to know more information on how to start your own collection? Well to find out information about Stamps and Stamp Collecting please check out this YouTube Video. Collecting stamps can be very rewarding and lots of fun. This YouTube… Read more »