Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critically important to Mark Bloxham, we have a few basic principles when it comes to your data:

  • We are thoughtful about the types of data we request. We consider your private data on a need to know basis, and generally - we don't need to know.
  • We store only the minimum amount of data to fulfill your orders. We don't sell it or share it with anyone.
  • We want to make it as simple as possible for you to control any data we store.

Who are we?

We're the friendly folks of Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd, our main goal is to provide you with a smooth and

hassle free

experience investing in our, and your, favorite hobby: Philately!

This privacy policy pertains to the functions and services of this website alone. For information about our eBay store, the normal policies of eBay will apply. This policy only applies to people who use and have purchased from this website alone.

How we use your data

Our website does not connect or share your personal data with anyone else, or any third party APIs.  We do not sell your data or expose your data to third parties. We do not share or expose any data, and would not unless legally obligated to.

We really just sell stamps. The only data collected on you is what you enter into the web form on the checkout page, or if you opt-in to our mailling list.

If any of this were to change (unlikely), then we would notify all customers of the change by email.

At any time you can request that we erase any stored data on our server and we will of course oblige. Due to fiscal laws, we may have to keep a printed copy of the bill of sale for records. When you place an order, we will keep details of the transaction for 6 years to comply with our legal and contractual obligations to HMRC and so we can if necessary fulfil a statuary guarantee of authenticity.

The only services we use outside of this website are Google Analytics (everyone uses them), MailChimp and Paypal. If you request erasure of your data, then we will use the tools provided by these services when applicable to erase anything that may connect to you from the Search and Analytics console as well.

With Paypal we are only given access to your Name, Address, the last four digits of your CC Number and expiration as well as your postal address. If you would like your data deleted from Paypal, they provide the requisite erasure services. We do not harvest or collect Paypal data.

In MailChimp we store email addresses, Names and Postal Addresses for those who opt-in to our newsletter. If you unsubscribe, you will be removed from MailChimp.

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