List of British Stamps, many of which are available here

Queen Victoria

Line engraved

  • One Penny Black issued on 1 May for use from 6 May 1840
  • Two penny blue contemporary issue with the Penny Black
  • One Penny Red issued in 1841 to replace the Penny Black (the first issue with perforations from 1848)
  • Prince Consort Essay
  • Two penny blue printed in a new ink. The design has the addition of white lines above and below the inscriptions
  • Halfpenny Rose Red issued in 1870 for the reduced postcard and newspaper rate
  • Three Halfpence Red introduced in 1870 for the reduced printed matter rate


  • Sixpence embossed
  • Ten Pence embossed
  • One Shilling embossed

Surface printed

  • 4d, 6d, 1s, 1855-57 (no corner letters)
  • 3d to 1s, 1862-64 (small white corner letters)
  • 3d to 10d, 1865-67 (large white corner letters)
  • 3d to 2s, 1867-80 (large white corner letters – new watermark)
  • High value definitives, 5s to £5 1867-83
  • Low value definitives, 1873-80 (coloured corner letters)
  • Low value definitives, halfpenny to 5d 1880-81
  • Penny Lilac 1881, the most issued Victorian stamp
  • High value definitives, 2/6 to £1 1883-84
  • Lilac and Green low value definitives 1883
  • Jubilee issue postage stamps 1887-92
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