Cayman Is SG13/6s 1907 set of four opt SPECIMEN The 1/- and 5/- slotted frame



SKU: M209391

1907 set of four affixed to part of ledger sheet with Manuscript Iles Cayman each overprinted SPECIMEN Type D12.The 1/- and 5/- each show R1/4 LP slotted frame. Fresh colours. RPS Certificate (2013) observing that the piece is probably from the Madagascar archive but missed the usual red handstamp. An opinion with which we concur.SG 13s-16s. Only 7 or eight of the 1/- and 5/- ever issued. Very Rare indeed (the slotted frame is of equal rarity to the dented frame variety with one example of each per double pane of 120). Ex James Podger