Stamp Collecting Videos

How to sell a stamp collection

Have you Inherited a stamp collection from a loved one? Perhaps you would like to sell it or maybe you are just intrigued in what it might be worth? It might be the case that you have you bought a stamp collection at an auction and would like to sell… Read more »

How Valuable is your Penny Black?

Are you interested in buying a penny black? Perhaps you are a collector? Or you have acquired a penny black and would like to know more? Maybe, you are just interested in finding out information about this famous stamp? After all it is the most renowned stamp ever issued! Well… Read more »

Imprimaturs, Victorian era history

Imprimatur is a term that stamp collectors need to understand. Imprimaturs are as old as the first stamp issued: The Penny Black. Interestingly, they have been used throughout postal history and are still used today. They are the first sheet printed of a stamp which is held by the post… Read more »

RAF Commemorative Covers

RAF Commemorative Covers were issued by the Royal Air Force Museum and charities to raise money. The brilliant thing about RAF covers is that they are really detailed and stunning collectable pieces which represent a piece of British Heritage. You can collect the original items which were issued and you… Read more »

Stamp Collecting: The Maltese Cross Cancellation Postmark

Understanding the Maltese cross can add depth to your collection. For instance, some people might collect Maltese Cross Cancelations from certain areas. Some collectors are interested in the distinctive Maltese Cross (more information on distinctive Maltese cross’ are described in the YouTube Video). Others only collect these cancellations; and apart… Read more »