JS40/7a 11/11/90 Battle of Taranto Signed Major O. Patch Cpt A.W.F Sutton (A)


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Signed by Major O. Patch DSO DSC RM (Retd) who was the pilot of Swordfish P 4070 which flew from H.M.S Illustrious with Lieutenant Goodwin RN as Observer and attacked the Italian Fleet at anchor in Taranto Harbour. Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Captain A.W.F. Sutton CBE DSC RN (Retd) No.819 Squadron aboard H.MSM Illustrious was the Observer in Swordfish L5K flown by Lieutenant F.M.A. Torrens-Spence RN which attacked e Littorio Class Battleship during the final phase of the Battle of Taranto. Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.