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Surface Printed Stamps

Surface printing is a term that stamp collectors need to understand. Surface printed stamps have certain features which distinguish them from modern day postage. The first stamps that were issued in Great Britain in using this method of printing was in 1855.

Surface printed stamps are both beautiful and highly sought after. This means that they can be expensive, however it is possible to create an affordable collection which will not entail you taking out a mortgage. If you are not an expert in a certain issue of stamps it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between varieties which make the stamp more valuable, and those which are commonly less valuable. However, this YouTube Video provides information on how to tell the difference. For example, it points out that a 4d is more valuable if in mint condition and printed on white paper.

This YouTube video is also informative as it explains why some of these stamps are some the rarest in the world. But, perhaps you already know this as you are great admirer of those which are surface printed; and therefore, you would simply appreciate looking mint examples of these stunning stamps. For example, the Plate 2 10d, which is so rare that there are only two of known existence in private hands. If this is the case we then this YouTube Video will be one that you enjoy!

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