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Dorothy Wilding and Queen Elizabeth II: Wildings

The Wildings were a series of definitive postage stamps. They are illustrated with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II which was photographed by Dorothy Wilding, hence the name Wildings. Maybe you are a collector of these stamps and want to know more? Perhaps you would like to start collecting Wildings? Or it could be that you are simply starting a stamp collecting hobby and browsing where to start? Well, if so wildings are fantastic stamps to collect as they have many varieties, some which are listed and some which are not. That’s what makes these definitive postage stamps so fun to collect.

Another excellent feature of being a collector of Wildings, is you can use various budgets to put one together. This means that if you are only just entering the philatelic world of collecting that you can create a great collection which is affordable to build. this YouTube Video is a useful tool for understanding the many varieties which can be found on Wilding Postage stamps. For instance, it illustrates how to decipher between different watermarks. It identifies the distinct types of phosphor or graphite lines which can be spotted on certain wildings. It also explains why there are these differences.

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