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Queen Victoria: High Values

The Queen Victoria High values were first issued in 1867 and is both beautiful and in mint condition are rare. Are you interested in buying a High Value? Perhaps you are a collector? Or you have acquired a High Value and would like to know more? Maybe, you are just interested in seeing some fantastic examples of this stamp? After all it is absolutely stunning! Well to find out more about the Queen Victoria High Value please check out this YouTube Video.

This YouTube Video has lots interesting facts about the High Values but also can be a useful tool for collecting these prestige stamps. For example, it offers a guide to different varieties which are available in these stamps. Such as, different coloured papers.

Is it that you are just interested in finding out more about the High Value? Well, this YouTube Video also provides information about this stamp. For example, its purpose. Or maybe it is the case that you are a collector and would like to admire high quality photos of two of the rarest and most valuable stamps in the world: The One Pound High value with the Anchor watermark, on both blue and white paper. If that is the case this YouTube Video will be an interesting watch!

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