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How to sell a stamp collection

Have you Inherited a stamp collection from a loved one? Perhaps you would like to sell it or maybe you are just intrigued in what it might be worth? It might be the case that you have you bought a stamp collection at an auction and would like to sell it on. Maybe you are a collector yourself and have decided to release capital out of your collection or fancy starting a new collection and need to sell your old one to fund your new adventure? Well, in either of these situations, knowing where to sell your stamp collection can be a daunting task.

However, here at Bloxham Stamps we provide free valuations for any stamp or collection. Not only that but we are a highly reputable company, so much so that our director is also a director of the PTS which is the Philatelic Trade Society. The PTS pride themselves on having a code of ethics to abide by, which means that as a director of this society will value your collection, you know that you will receive a fair valuation.

We also recommend that you click on this link and then subscribe to our channel. We have many videos which can help you along with your stamp collecting hobby, give valuable information on a variety of different stamps and are interesting to watch. As with all our YouTube Videos the items shown are either currently in stock or have been sold by Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd.

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