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How to start a stamp collection

Perhaps you have seen a stamp from Bloxham Stamps and want to know more information on how to start your own collection? Well to find out information about Stamps and Stamp Collecting please check out this YouTube Video.

Collecting stamps can be very rewarding and lots of fun. This YouTube Video has interesting facts and tips to help you with your hobby. For example, it shows you how to differentiate between a tired stamp and a mint stamp, which can make a large difference in price. It also gives you examples of misprints and information on how to spot one. There is also information available on how to contact us to value a stamp or Stamp Collection.  

Maybe you are already a stamp collector and are interested in finding out information on a particular type of stamp, for instance Wildings or Penny Blacks? Or perhaps you would just like to look at, and admire, some of the rarest and finest items in existence? If that is the case then please click on this link and then subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We have many videos which can help you along with your hobby and are interesting to watch. As with all our Videos the items shown are either currently in stock or have been sold by Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd.

We hope you enjoy!
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