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Imprimaturs, Victorian era history

Imprimatur is a term that stamp collectors need to understand. Imprimaturs are as old as the first stamp issued: The Penny Black. Interestingly, they have been used throughout postal history and are still used today. They are the first sheet printed of a stamp which is held by the post office in their archives. Usually there is only one sheet per stamp which is kept by the Treasury. However, on occasion there would be some from each sheet which would have been removed. And so naturally these particular items are rare and highly sought out.

Maybe you are a collector of Imprimaturs? Perhaps you are simply an admirer? After all they are absolutely stunning and represent an important aspect of postal history! Well this YouTube Video shows some of the rarest and most valuable Imprimaturs in known Existence. For example, a Penny Black from the bottom left corner of Plate 2.

Not only is this YouTube video eye candy for an admirer of the Imprimatur but it is also informative as it explains where the term derives from and why they were printed. So, if you are interested in finding out more about these intriguing items or would like to appreciate some fantastic examples of them, then please check out this YouTube Video.

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