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Chalmers’ Essays, the history of James Chalmers

Knowledge is perhaps one of the greatest assets to a stamp collector. This YouTube Video talks about James Charmers role in the creation of the pre-paid postage stamp we know today. As the postal system was expensive, easy to manipulate to avoid paying and not very efficient; Rowland Hill published a pamphlet named ‘Post Office Reform, Its Importance and Practicability’. This proposal was the catalyst for the treasury announcing a competition to design pre-paid postage, with the prize of £200. James Chalmers was one of the most renowned applicants of this competition and this YouTube Video shows you why.

Perhaps you already know of Chalmers Essays and would love to admire some fantastic examples of his Essays? Or would love to appreciate a copy of the instructions of which he sent in alongside his competition entries? Well this YouTube Video will be a really interesting watch for you!

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