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Postal Stationary, a brief history of what you need to know

Knowledge is perhaps the greatest asset to a stamp collector. This YouTube Video informs you about the origins of this remarkable style of pre-paid postage. Postal Stationary has been around for as long as the first stamp issued (The Penny Black) and is still being used today. Perhaps you are interested in learning about this form of postage, well this YouTube Video will be an interesting watch as it informs you about its history.

For example, it illustrates and discusses entries into the treasury competition in 1837, whereby applicants designed prototypes of this style of postage. However, to find out more about these entries please check out our YouTube Video on the Treasury Essays. It also discusses different postal stationary such as the famous Mulready and why it developed over time.

Maybe you are already knowledgeable in postal stationary and would just like to admire some fantastic examples such as mint Penny Pinks or the Mulready? Well this YouTube Video will be a interesting watch for you. We also recommend that you click on this link and then subscribe to our channel. We have many videos which can help you along with your stamp collecting hobby, give valuable information on a variety of different stamps and are interesting to watch. As with all our YouTube Videos the items shown are either currently in stock or have been sold by Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd.

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