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Treasury Essays, a history of early stamps

Knowledge is perhaps a stamp collectors greatest tool. In 1839, prior to the first stamp (the penny black) being issued, the treasury decided to hold an open competition to design the first pre-paid postage. What is fantastic about the Treasury Essays is that they created the foundations of what would be the famous Penny Black. Even more remarkable is that they were also the basis, for not only stamps, but also postal stationary such as Penny Pinks and the famous Mulready. However, for more information on postal stationary or the Mulready please check out these videos on our YouTube channel.
Maybe you are interested in stamps and their history and so would like to learn more about their heritage? Well this YouTube Video will inform you on how the Treasury Essays contributed to the stamp we use today.

Perhaps you know of the essays and would love to see examples of these stunning and intriguing items? In that case, this YouTube Video will not disappoint as it shows actual entries to the competition. In addition, they are spectacular to look at as they are in mint condition and some are even detailed with instructions; or demonstrations of how they would be used.

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