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Stamp Collecting: The Maltese Cross Cancellation Postmark

Understanding the Maltese cross can add depth to your collection. For instance, some people might collect Maltese Cross Cancelations from certain areas. Some collectors are interested in the distinctive Maltese Cross (more information on distinctive Maltese cross’ are described in the YouTube Video). Others only collect these cancellations; and apart from anything else they are really pretty to look at.

This YouTube video explains the different problems that the Post Office encountered with the original postmark and how these issues framed its development. We exemplify some of the rarest types of Maltese cross and some possible variations of it. For example, it illustrates the different coloured postmarks that you might encounter when collecting these cancellations.

Understanding this beautiful postmark can also help you with understanding the value of your stamp or collection. For instance, this postmark can increase the value of a stamp considerably: As you might have a stamp, which alone is worth only a few pounds, but a rare Maltese Cross might increase its value by thousands.

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