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RAF Commemorative Covers

RAF Commemorative Covers were issued by the Royal Air Force Museum and charities to raise money. The brilliant thing about RAF covers is that they are really detailed and stunning collectable pieces which represent a piece of British Heritage. You can collect the original items which were issued and you can collect covers which are signed by the pilots themselves. There are even covers which have been signed by others such as Maggie Thatcher. Maybe you are interested in starting a collection and would like to find out more? Well this YouTube Video will tell you valuable information about the splendid covers.
Perhaps you are already familiar with RAF Covers and would like to admire some fantastic examples of them? Well this YouTube Video will be a really interesting watch. We also recommend that you click on this link and then subscribe to our channel. We have many videos which can help you along with your stamp collecting hobby, give valuable information on a variety of different stamps and are interesting to watch. As with all our YouTube Videos the items shown are either currently in stock or have been sold by Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd.

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